How To Keep Up On Your Books If You’re Self-Employed

How to Keep Up on Your Books if You’re Self-Employed

The loan process and its paperwork requirements vary between the self-employed and those in conventional workplaces. Self-employed individuals and freelancers need to do a little extra legwork. The good news is that the earlier you get on it, the easier it will be to verify your credit worthiness.

The Cost Of Owning A Pet

The Cost of Owning a Pet

Don’t let those puppy dog eyes fool you; owning a pet can be expensive. And before you adopt dogs or cats from your local shelter or rescue, you should first consider the long-term costs of raising them. Between medical exams, pet insurance, food and treats (never forget the treats), the costs of owning a cat or dog can add up.

Life Automation: 5 Hacks For Saving Precious Time

Life Automation: 5 Hacks for Saving Precious Time

Life automation is all about delegating our work, allowing us to spend more time focusing on the things that are actually important. Busy work is not the same thing as hard work. Let’s look at five ways that we can cut the busy out of our lives and optimize our most precious resource – our time.