Finances In Your 50s: Expert Advice On What You Need To Do Now

Finances in Your 50s: Expert Advice on What You Need to Do Now

When you’re in your 50s, it’s important to assess your financial health as you are not only in your peak earning years, you’re also about 10-20 years away from retirement, making it all the more important. The Zing blog has assembled financial experts from across the country to weigh in on the key points you should focus on in this decade of life to ensure a comfortable retirement.

Financial Tips For Your 40s

Financial Tips for Your 40s

The 40-somethings are in a place in life where they are putting youth aside and should be in financial planning mode. Here are seven things you should be doing if you’re in this age group.

No Magic Wand: The Short- And Long-term Impact Of Filing For Bankruptcy

No Magic Wand: The Short- and Long-term Impact of Filing for Bankruptcy

Don’t think you’ll ever pay off that credit card debt? Are collection agencies constantly buzzing your phone? Do you lie awake each night worried about the money you owe? You might think that filing for bankruptcy is a way to make these problems disappear. But here’s the truth – bankruptcy comes with its own set of problems and some are severe. We’ll explore the long- and short-term impact of filing for bankruptcy protection.