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Mortgage and Real Estate Predictions for 2014

Really great article in the New York Times last Friday about what Americans can expect in the upcoming year. Well, what they can expect when it comes to mortgages and home buying to be precise. Overall, the news is pretty good for home buyers, who can expect to get more home for their buck and lenders making getting a mortgage just a little easier as restrictions loosen.

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Buying and Selling Homes in 2014: A More Balanced Market

2013 has seen some major economic events, and balance probably isn’t the first word most people would think of to describe them. However, there’s some balance coming in 2014…to the housing market, at least. A recent article on CNNMoney discusses how the housing market is shifting and will provide more opportunities for both buyers and sellers, as long as you’re a savvy player in the game.

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VA Loan Q&A: What’s the Difference Between a Realtor and a Real Estate Agent?

Do you use the terms “realtor” and “real estate agent” interchangeably? A lot of people do, but there’s actually a distinct difference between the two. During our VA Loan Q&A Google Hangout, Margo Willis and Nick Mannis of the National Association of Realtors® let us in on the professional differences between realtors and agents.

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Short Sale Protection PCS - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Short Sale Protection for PCS

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have relaxed their short sale requirements to offer more protection for service members and their families. Under the terms of the new guidelines, military homeowners who have orders to move do not have to be delinquent on their mortgage in order to qualify for a short sale.

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Investing in Real Estate: How and Why - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Investing in Real Estate: How and Why

If you’re like me, you often sit around and contemplate, “What exactly should I do with my money?” If you’re really like me, your answer is usually to hit up the Taco Bell drive through. But for those times when you have more than a burrito’s worth of money to figure out, you probably want to invest it. There are many options available, but real estate may be a good option for you. “Why?” you ask. Well, as Mark Twain famously put it, “Buy land, they aren’t making any more.”

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Should I Choose a Walkable Community or a Suburban Community? - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Should I Choose a Walkable Community or a Suburban Community?

According to the NAR Community Preference Survey of 2013, most Americans prefer houses with easy walks to schools, stores and restaurants over houses with large yards, but where you have to drive to go to schools, stores and restaurants (55% to 40%). An even larger majority prefers houses with smaller yards but a shorter commute to work over houses with larger yards but a longer commute to work (57% to 36%).

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End of Year Brings Changes in the Mortgage Industry

For some of us, the end of 2013 just signals the beginning of 2014. However, the end of this year is different. FHA loan amounts are set to expire, meaning beginning in 2014, loan limits will readjust to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac conforming limits. Read ahead to find out what this could mean for you.

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This quarter’s Turnaround Towns Report from® shows significant improvements in housing markets across the country, with Detroit ranking in at #1 for improvements for the third quarter in 2013.

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How Rent-to-Own Works: A Deeper Look - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

ROI on Renting Out Your Property

There are many questions to ask yourself before you become a landlord. But whether you have a rental property because you moved and the time wasn’t right to sell your previous home, because you bought an investment property in order to rent it out, or some other twist in your life’s journey has led you there, one important question to consider is: What will the return on my investment (ROI) be?

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Photography Tips to Help Sell Your Home Fast - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Photography Tips to Help Sell Your Home Fast

One of the most effective tools you have to selling your home is quite possibly the most overlooked – photography. No matter how beautiful or wonderfully priced your home is, it’s unlikely to sell as fast as you’d like if the pictures are less than stellar. Here are some quick and easy tips for photographing your home to make sure it sells.

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