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Magic Johnson TV Shoot for Quicken Loans Android Promotion

Shooting a tv commercial that will feature NBA great Magic Johnson was truly a magic experience!

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Cliff Bells

Dine and Dash in the ‘D’ – Intern Alley

Dine and Dash was a great experience for Detroit interns to mingle and discover some of the great places around downtown.

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Alise Irvine

Detroit is Still the Paris of the Midwest – Intern Alley

Detroit is working to regain its title of “the Paris of the Midwest,” and by working at Quicken Loans I have the amazing opportunity to see the transformation firsthand.

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David George

Experiencing Detroit 2.0 – Intern Alley

I’ve always been a fan of Detroit, but I never thought I’d enjoy being downtown on a daily basis as much as I do. Something is happening in the city. I can see the changes. I can feel the energy.

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Taking Care of Business – On the Golf Course and in the Office

 What does the game of golf have to do with being successful at our jobs?  If you’re not a golfer, you might be inclined to [...]

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Bryan Dickey

Working in the D – Intern Alley

I get to work right next to the ballpark – Comerica Park is only three blocks from the new Quicken Loans offices. How cool is it that? I can look out the window and watch the Tigers taking batting practice or see all of the fans roam the streets heading to Comerica!

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Detroit Fireworks - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Detroit Social Media Day

I would encourage skeptics to jump into the world of social media. It is not only a good source for news, it opens doors professionally and socially.

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Intern Alley – Lunch in the ‘D’

The warm sunshine on my face and a band playing sweet jazz music in the background. This isn’t a vacation spot; it’s where I take my lunch break at Quicken Loans.

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Jake's Fish - Quicken Loans

Intern Alley- Expect the Unexpected

If you had told me that two weeks into my first internship I would want to delay the weekend to attend a meeting, I probably would’ve just started laughing…but that’s exactly what happened.

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Lia Amine

My First Day at Quicken Loans

Unlike any other first day of work, I felt immediately comfortable. People seem to enjoy their jobs here, and it shows; everyone is having a good time even if they are ridiculously busy.

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