Choosing The Right Fence For Your Family

Choosing the Right Fence For Your Family

How do you know what the right fence is for your home, and more importantly, what’s the right fence for your family? Since no two families are alike, there’s no right answer. But armed with the right questions to ask, you can find out what kind of fencing your family needs, and what will work best for everyone while they’re playing outside.

Xeriscaping: The Art Of Drought-Resistant Landscaping

Xeriscaping: The Art of Drought-Resistant Landscaping

We’ve got a problem. Maintaining our current path is a dangerous game, especially considering that certain parts of the U.S. are experiencing historical water shortages. But asking you to pave over the begonias isn’t the right course of action either. Instead, there are some ways to minimize water usage by using certain plants, irrigation and landscape tactics. This method, called xeriscaping or drought-resistant landscaping, can protect your pocket book while simultaneously looking after the world’s most valuable resource. In other words, you should check this out.