September Deals & Steals - Quicken Loans Zing BlogIf you take a peek at the website Holidays for Everyday, you’ll find quite a number of goofy holidays that Americans supposedly recognize every day of the year. Apparently, this September we will be remembering everything from mushrooms, to grandparents, to pink flamingos and biscuits. Yes, September 3, is Labor Day, but more importantly, Barkley the dog of Sesame Street will be celebrating his birthday!

In my opinion, the biggest cause for celebration is all the deals. Finding the best deal sometimes depends on timing: some things are more expensive at certain times of the year. Therefore, it’s important to be strategic when making large purchases. Whether you’ll be upping your calorie count on the 14th for National Cream-Filled Donut Day, or nurturing your inner six-year-old for Barbie Doll day on September 6, here are some deals you should keep your eyes peeled for, all month long.

Do Buy:

Apples, Broccoli, and Cauliflower

If you want to stock up on the fresh stuff, you’ll find the best deals and steals on produce that’s in season. According to, you’ll want to focus on apples, broccoli, and cauliflower for the month of September. If you buy this produce in bulk while it’s cheap, you’ll enjoy it for many months to come. Apples can last until next year if you turn them into apple sauce, apple butter, or even apple cider, which can be frozen and preserved. Freezing is the best method for preserving broccoli, although you need to make sure to blanch it in boiling water before freezing. Cauliflower can be frozen in much the same way.

New Cars

September is officially the best month to have a midlife crisis. According to Forbes, September marks the auto industry’s “official transition” from the old model year to the new one. If you’re looking to get your hands on a brand-new 2012 car, now’s the time to grab it. According to U.S. News, many car makers are offering dynamite financing deals for September, and even cash back on some models. Bear in mind that the longer you wait on this deal, the better discount you’ll get, especially if you’re not picky about the color.

Charcoal Grills and Lawnmowers

Instead of lamenting the end of summer, celebrate end-of-summer deals on outdoor gear. Charcoal grills and lawn mowers go on sale in the fall because, according to Forbes, store managers don’t want to bother storing these things. Nobody wants a grill in February, and you’re probably not going to be mowing your lawn in the midst of a blizzard, so fall is the peak time to snag these big-ticket items. Hey, if you’re on top of the game, you can even wrap one up for your hubby for Christmas!


I won’t judge you if you run to your local supermarket to stock up on a cart full of wine. You’ll run the risk of looking like an alcoholic, but hey, at least you’re getting it cheaper! Early fall is when winemakers release their latest vintages, so be sure to take advantage of the awesome promotions on your favorite vino.

Summer Apparel

Last call for cute summer stuff! Retailers are phasing out sandals, shorts, and swimwear, so be on the lookout. Especially watch out for awesome Labor Day sales for additional discounts. Don’t, however, expect to find any good deals on fall clothes. Wait for October to bust out a new fall wardrobe, since back-to-school sales are over, and this season’s clothes haven’t been on the shelves that long. Jeans are one fall item that you may be able to snag for a good price, since stores use them to attract customers to stores.

Don’t Buy:

Laptops and TVs

September is a gap in low prices when it comes to technology. Back-to-school sales on laptops have ended. It’s better to wait until closer to Christmas, since retailers typically lower prices on electronics for holiday deals.

Holiday Airfare

Are you planning on braving the airport during the holidays? As a general rule of thumb, you should book your airfare 6-8 weeks in advance. Booking your holiday airfare in October generally seems to be the easiest on the wallet.

If you’re looking for a big-ticket item, it’s important to watch the prices for a while before you pounce. If you truly are a frugal shopper, you’ll take this into consideration while hunting for a deal. Good luck and happy shopping!


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