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Stephanie loves cats, golf, makeup and red wine – and her love of those is not always mutually exclusive. Throw in Stephanie’s fondness of personal finance, homeowner tips and everyday life hacks, and that’s where things get really interesting.
Remodeling and Relationships: What You Need to Know - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Remodeling and Relationships: What You Need to Know

You can remodel your kitchen. You can remodel your man cave. And hey, you can even remodel your pooch’s doghouse while you’re at it. But if you’re embarking on a journey toward the land of new countertops and wall-to-wall carpeting with your significant other, there’s one thing you may not want to remodel in the process: YOUR RELATIONSHIP.

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6 Ways to Make Back-to-School Lunches Even Better

Bento boxes, cookie cutters and snacks on sticks – part of these completely awesome school lunches! See how you can serve up a daily dose of fun for your kids.

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We’re #1! Quicken Loans Tops Computerworld’s “Best Places to Work in IT” List

With the help of our brilliant IT team, we’re continually improving a mortgage experience that’s already helped nearly 2 million happy families across the country. We’re developing apps and online tools that save our clients time and money. And we’re working tirelessly to create the most ground-breaking, one-of-a-kind way to get a mortgage – entirely online.

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Tips for Traveling Alone - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Safety Tips for Traveling Alone

Traveling alone can be scary. Here are a few safety tips for traveling alone to minimize your worries.

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5 Wine Cork Crafts Even YOU Can Do

Got 10 minutes and a bunch of wine corks on hand? You (yes, you!) can be a wine cork crafter. Check out these 5 DIY ideas for all skill levels!

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Sick of Brown Rice? Try These 3 (Healthy!) Whole Grains Instead

Sliming down for swimsuit season and trying to eat healthy, too? If you’re looking for an alternative to bland, boring, blah-worthy brown rice, try one these 3 whole grains in your next healthy meal!

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9 New Super Bowl Party Recipes

You’re probably pumped to see the big hits and game-winning plays the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers will be serving up on Super Bowl Sunday – who isn’t? I enjoy watching the year’s biggest football game (and of course, the legendary commercials) as much as the next person, but I’m pretty excited to try my hand at cooking a few new dishes for my game day festivities.
Check out these recipe ideas I’ve compiled for you!

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Throw a Festive Fall Harvest Party

I’m all about embracing the gorgeous seasonal changes this time of year. Why not celebrate the leaves turning from green to gold with a few of your friends? It’s a perfect excuse to host a fall harvest party! Check out these ideas to get started.

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Three Budget Tailgating Tips

When I think of the fact that summer is coming to a close, the pain I feel is indescribable. The only way to ease the pain is by putting on my team threads and gearing up for a day of tailgating! Since I pride myself in being money savvy, tailgating on a budget is more my style. Check out my tips and you can save, too!

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Think Ahead to Save Money at the Airport

I have a few curses when it comes to traveling: I’m always over the suitcase weight limit by at least two pounds and I never fail to spend at least $20 on nonsense in the news shops. Just think how much I could save if I came prepared for my journey through the airport! Here are a few things to stash in your carry on to save you at least a crispy new Jackson!

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