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12 Tips for Buying a Home in 2012

Are you planning on buying a home in 2012? MSN has put together a nifty slideshow to help you get the best deal possible on your new mortgage.

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Ideas for Decorating Your Child’s Room

In “Decorating Your Rental Home,” Stephanie delivered tons of great ideas for decorating temporary space. It also made me think about decorating another temporary space – my son’s room. Here are a few ideas for decorating your child’s room.

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4 Tips for a Successful Mortgage Closing - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

4 Tips for a Successful Mortgage Closing

Buying a home is a major transaction and a successful deal depends on many things. Make sure you’re prepared and follow these four tips for a successful mortgage closing.

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Housing Outlook Hopeful for 2012

The sun may finally be peeking out from the clouds to shine on the housing market! That’s what several industry experts are saying about the outlook for 2012.

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First-Time Home Buyers: Save Money for Home Repair

Sure, putting a big down payment on your new home is a good thing. But, first-time home buyers, keep some cash in your coffers for surprise home repairs! Be proactive and keep some savings aside, even if the inspection came up clean.

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Buy a House Now! Right Now!

If you are anywhere near the thought of buying a house, you should do it right now. Today. Rates are silly low, home prices are silly low, and supply far exceeds demand. There is no better time.

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How Much to Give for Holiday Tips

‘Tis the season for holiday tips. Every year I wonder which of our beloved and hard-working service providers should get a holiday tip. There are many different life situations that dictate who, how much and what should be given. I’ve done some perusing of the online variety to find out what holiday tipping etiquette prevails. Following is a list of many people that generally receive a holiday tip – and ideas for what those tips could be.

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Try a Home Swap For a Cheap Vacation!

These days many people have to forgo a lot of extras due to high bills and lower incomes. A vacation is one of the first things to get canceled. When bills are stressing you out, it makes sense (to me, anyway) to take a little time out to relax. Cash in some airline points or pick a destination within driving distance, find yourself a person to swap homes with and enjoy a nice, cheap vacation!

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Anonymous Layaway Payments Spread Goodwill! - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Anonymous Layaway Payments Spread Goodwill!

After a woman anonymously paid off someone’s layaway at a Michigan Kmart, a man paid $2,000 toward layaways at the same store. And thus a trend begins! Props to my fellow Michiganians! Let’s see how far we can spread the goodwill!

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Save Money with a Babysitting Co-op

In the last six months, we’ve hired a paid sitter only twice. That stinks. I want (and need!) to get out and relax more often. This is where a babysitting co-op comes in. It’s a really simple system – a group of parents trade babysitting with each other. No money changes hands. It’s FREE! When you sit for another family’s child you earn points. When you have another parent watch your child, you spend points.

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