Halina Matt

Halina has spent years working to perfect her command of the written word, annoying – er, assisting – many a friend or family member along the way with her pedantic nature. She has an affinity for uncontrollable laughter, British television, take-out Thai food, and writing about personal finance, home and family – not necessarily in that order. When not typing away, she spends her time hanging with her seriously awesome family. Seriously. They’re awesome.
Halina Matt

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Amazon Prime Air Creates Excitement, Uncertainty

Amazon.com revealed plans to launch a new method of package delivery called Amazon Prime Air: a fleet of unmanned drones primed to drop your order on your doorstep within a half hour of the time you complete your purchase. Could flying robots be the delivery men and women of the future?

How to Teach Children About Charity

Charity and volunteer work are great ways to teach your children the importance of helping those around them who desperately need it. From clothing or food donations to committing your time to help around your community, there are many ways to get your child involved and thinking about helping others.

5 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

It’s nearly time for Halloween, and that means many of us are gearing up for the big day. Spooky decorations are going up, bowls of candy are being laid out with care, and pumpkins are beginning to dot the porches of our neighborhoods. It’s a wonderland of ghoulish behavior, all in the name of good fun. For our pets, however, there are some very real dangers lurking around each eerie corner, and we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you make sure Fido and Mittens make it through the holiday safe and sound.

Couples Advice: Getting on the Same Page with Finances

When it comes to relationships, communication is key. You talk to each other about your feelings, your plans for the future, how many kids you want to have, and even what you’ll have for dinner. These things are a no-brainer. However, there’s one topic that, no matter how important it may be, many couples steer clear of like the plague: their finances.

Healthy Easter Basket Alternatives

Easter is less than a week away, and if you’re anything like me you’re wondering how you’ll find the time to get everything done. Don’t worry! Here are some easy Easter basket alternatives that’ll both satisfy your kids expectations and keep you from worrying about their health.

Does Working from Home Make You More Productive?

There’s been a growing conversation in the news lately regarding the pros and cons faced by businesses when they allow employees to work from home. All of this discussion begs the question, “Is working from home a help or a hindrance to the workplace?” The answer, according to a recent Stanford study, is pretty clear: there can be definite benefits for both employer and employee.

Will Work for Stuff: Using Rewards to Modify Your Child’s Behavior

It can be very difficult to get our kids to accept responsibility for their everyday tasks, and it can be even harder to instill in them the understanding that things like video games and TV are privileges that are earned. When you factor in the many things parents juggle every day, it can be a seemingly impossible task. This is where a reward system can help.