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Based on Waste: 5 New Sustainable Building Materials - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Based on Waste: 5 New Sustainable Building Materials

A handful of innovative folks have been on a quest to create and source more sustainable building materials. It’s no surprise their search has confirmed that humans produce an awful lot of waste. So, in addition to sustainability, the new materials and products they’ve developed are based on waste.

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Protecting the Investment in Your Home - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Insurance: Protecting the Investment in Your Home

Buying a home is a major investment with a decades-long commitment that affects every aspect of your life, from lifestyle, to employment, to weekend chores. In June, 495,000 homes were sold, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Just as you would buy a warranty for a television or protective gear for that new camera, there are vital steps to protect your home financially and physically.

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3 Major Life Expenses You Need to Save For

The following is a guest post from Sarah Damon who writes about financial topics for Her opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Quicken Loans. [...]

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Be a Millionaire Day - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

3 Smart Ways to Spend Your 2011 Tax Refund Money

Getting a big tax refund? Our guest contributor from Money Crashers shares the wisest ways to use your windfall.

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What Do You Really Pay in Taxes Over Your Lifetime?

The following is a guest post from Richard Barrington who writes for about financial topics including bank rates. His opinions do not necessarily reflect [...]

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Is your tax preparer qualified? 6 things you should know

Sometimes it pays to get advice from a tax expert. But it’s important to be sure the tax preparer you chose is qualified! Find out what to look for.

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How to Save Your Empty Home From "Mansion Squatters"

When visualizing “squatters,” you may imagine down-and-out bums sleeping in condemned buildings on the scruffy outskirts of town. But in a troubled housing market where large numbers of homes in pricey suburban areas are vacant, the pickings for squatters are far more upscale.

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How To Live Without Borrowing Money

What to know how to pay off existing debt and move forward without having to borrow money in the future? Find out how from guest contributor Pinyo.

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Will Insurance Pay For Your Holiday Disaster?

Guest blogger Gina Roberts-Grey asks: Will insurance cover you if one of these five holiday mishaps occurs?

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Is Now the Time to Ask for a Raise?

Find out how and when the best time to ask for a raise is from guest contributor Free Money Finance.

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