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A University of Michigan alumna and self-professed word nerd, Chrissy the copy editor enjoys spending 40+ hours every week polishing other people’s grammar. When she’s not at work writing and editing blogs or at home cooking drool-worthy dinners for her exceptionally adorable preschooler, she’s watching trashy reality television shows and daydreaming about being adopted by the Kardashians. Although she is a woman of many talents, Chrissy prides herself most in making the world a better place one comma splice at a time.
Five Inexpensive Ways to Dress Up Cheap Wedding Favors

Five Inexpensive Ways to Dress Up Cheap Wedding Favors

Like most brides, my biggest wedding-related challenge is staying on budget. Favors are just one area where I really want to save money – so I’m compromising a bit on quality and going cheap. But here’s some good news for other budget-loving brides: Cheap favors don’t have to look cheap! Here are some ways to take your beer-budget favors to a champagne-budget level.

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