Christine Brackel

A University of Michigan alumna and self-professed word nerd, Chrissy the copy editor enjoys spending 40+ hours every week polishing other people’s grammar. When she’s not at work writing and editing blogs or at home cooking drool-worthy dinners for her exceptionally adorable preschooler, she’s watching trashy reality television shows and daydreaming about being adopted by the Kardashians. Although she is a woman of many talents, Chrissy prides herself most in making the world a better place one comma splice at a time.
Christine Brackel

Articles by Christine Brackel

Do You Postdate Your Checks? Here Are Some Things to Know

Have you ever postdated a check? Did you know that postdating your check doesn’t necessarily ensure that the money will stay in your account until the date you wrote on the check? Don’t let misunderstandings or overdraft fees kill your bank account. Before you bust out the checkbook, here are some things to know.

Is Pet Insurance Worth the Money?

After a recent (rather expensive) trip to the vet, I began to wonder if pet insurance would be a cost-effective way to get my pets the care they need. Is pet insurance worth the money? Let’s take a closer look to find out!

Charge Your Smartphone Anywhere with These Cool Accessories

You know that sick feeling you get when your smartphone’s battery is about to die? I’d like never to feel that way again. Perhaps some day a company will make a smartphone with a good battery, but until then, we’ll have to learn to be prepared. If you can’t cope with a dead phone, here are six cool smartphone chargers and accessories for you to try!