Amanda Pallay

After a restless decade spent writing, video editing, dancing to Sisters of Mercy and playing video games for days, Amanda has finally settled comfortably into her role as nerdy mom and copywriter for Quicken Loans. When not writing articles for and about veterans and service members, she can be found hanging out with her son, Jude, and daughter, Ripley. If you wanna chat about the military, Star Trek or the band Clutch – she’s your gal.
Amanda Pallay

Articles by Amanda Pallay

Eligible Properties for VA Loans

As a veteran or active duty service member, you’re probably well aware of the many benefits available to you, including one of your most important, and widely used, benefits ­– the VA loan. However, do you know what types of properties – outside of a standard single-family home – will allow you to qualify for your VA home loan benefits?

VA Loan Tips for Disabled Veterans

Did you know that as a disabled veteran, you may be eligible for special considerations when getting a VA loan? It’s true. There are additional benefits available based on your disability status that could help you save quite a bit. Check out some of the benefits on a VA loan that come with your disability status.

Facts About VA Loans

A VA loan is one of the most widely used benefits available to veterans and active duty service members. However, just because they’re widely used doesn’t mean all eligible service members understand how they work.This is a list of some of the more common things that eligible veterans and service members don’t realize about their VA loan benefits.

Team Member Spotlight – Scott Hanson

A company like Quicken Loans values and honors their military team members above and beyond the call of duty, so to speak. And whether you talk to a Home Loan Expert who works with veterans, or a veteran team member who works to support the Home Loan Experts, it’s clear that this feeling of support and dedication is pervasive. Just recently, Quicken Loans business consultant, Scott Hanson, had to take a leave of absence while he attended basic training for the Army National Guard.

Why We Wear Poppies on Memorial Day

However you celebrate the day, there is one common thing we all experience on Memorial Day – the poppy.

You probably have seen folks standing outside of the grocery store on Memorial Day handing out paper poppies. Or maybe you’ve seen a large group of veterans wearing them in the parade, or just around town. But do you know why they wear those poppies? Do you know what the poppy symbolises on this holiday?

Honoring the Flag on Memorial Day

There is a right – and wrong – way to display the United States flag. In fact, there is an entire code that determines the rules for displaying and caring for the flag. I’ve compiled a list of the most interesting (and probably abused) rules of the Flag Code for you. So when you celebrate this Memorial Day holiday you can wow your friends with some triva while doing the right thing by honoring Old Glory

Memorial Day: Honoring Our Nation’s Fallen

This year, for Memorial Day, I was struggling to find the words that would do this day – and my feelings – justice. Then I remembered that my talented team mate, Victoria Araj, wrote an incredible article about the meaning of Memorial Day. I am reposting her article here for you in honor of the Memorial Day holiday, and I hope that you can take some time to reflect on those service men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.