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Exhibit Z to Open Friday, March 7

Remember a few weeks ago when we showcased the art behind the Z? Didn’t it make you want to go out and brave the multiple polar vortexes that we Detroiters have encountered? No? Well me neither. Sometimes art is best viewed, critiqued and shared from your computer screen. But thanks to Library Street Collective (LSC), you can kinda sorta stay warm and witness firsthand some of the art of the Z. This Friday, LSC presents “Exhibit Z,” a group show featuring the art of the artists that created the beautiful imagery of the mammoth Z.

Repurposing Old Doors for Other Uses Around the House

Tired of winter yet? Well guess what? There’s still another month of this long, snowy, cold winter! Looking to shake those wintertime blues with a fun hobby? Tired of looking at that old, faded kitchen door? Well, look no further. That old attic door, with a little bit of elbow grease, can be your new kitchen table or even a new headboard!

The Art in The Z

Over the last 12 months here at Quicken Loans, we’ve loved having meetings that overlook the northeastern part of Detroit to see the progress of the mighty Z, a large z-shaped parking structure behind a row of beautifully restored buildings. But for this architecture enthusiast, it wasn’t what was on the outside of the behemoth, but what was in the inside. The inside houses 10 floors in two garages of some of the world’s most notorious street and graffiti artists!

Looking at Detroit with a New York State of Mind

Why does NYC care so much about Detroit? Well, they know our pain. But what was most interesting to me is that out of the handful of people who I told I was from Detroit, not one mentioned the bankruptcy to me. Nobody asked whether it’s true that a majority of the streetlights don’t work or if the average response rate for police is really 30 minutes to an hour. But instead, they were positive and upbeat. Check out what these New Yorkers said about the city of Detroit.

Askew: From Auckland to Detroit

Campaigning on his laptop from a world away, Askew first got his taste of Detroit in the cold month of December in 2009. Since then he has made it a point to come back to the city almost every year since his first arrival. With a 16-hour time differential, Askew has blogged about the beauty and creativity that is instilled in this city. To see Askew’s work in person, visit the Inner State Gallery in Detroit! The exhibit will be up until September 19.

Southwest Detroit’s Delicious Mexican Dining

Detroit’s southwest has long been a destination for exciting Mexican dining. From outdoor patios to salsa dancing, southwest Detroit is definitely a hot bed for entertainment and good food. While most patrons typically take in Xochimilco, El Zocalo and El Barzon, there are a handful of other hidden gems in the southwest neighborhood that are often overlooked. From a not-so-hidden coney island to a traditional El Salvadorian restaurant, southwest Detroit has its fair share of interesting cuisines. So let’s take a look at some of southwest Detroit’s off-the-radar restaurants.

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