My son is only 15-months old and he can already scroll through my iPhone. Impressive feat, I know. He particularly likes to rearrange my apps, text my friends with gibberish, and call people on my contact list. He has even called 911 before. I heard it dialing, and in a panic, I ended the call. Needless to say, this is the wrong thing to do when your child calls 911, because the police will show up at your house. That was an interesting day.

Keenan steals my iPhone at every opportunity and I’ve given up on keeping it away from him. I find it useful for entertaining him in the car when I don’t have an extra set of hands. That being said, I think it’s important to have apps on my phone that are just for him, so he stays out of trouble and stops calling for emergency help. Here are just a few of his faves, and some other cool ones that I’ve heard about.

  • Elmo Calls – My son is a Sesame Street fanatic. This app costs $0.99, and it was worth every penny. It allows you to FaceTime with Elmo. Recordings of Elmo play on the screen, and there’s even a little inset with a live video feed of the child, just like a real video call. You can either “call” Elmo yourself, or set up specific times for Elmo to call you. I know he loves this app because he’s always bringing me my phone asking for Elmo, or “Bubbbooooooh” as he calls him. It really is great entertainment for him, and I don’t mind watching it either!
  • Zoo Sounds – I have the free version of this app. It has pictures of wild animals like elephants, bears, gorillas, and flamingos. This app actually has a lot of features for a lite version. Tap the screen, and the animal sound will play for you. It’s simple enough, but it keeps him entertained.
  • BabySitter2Go – Is your child musical? Take advantage of some free babysitting with this wonderful app. You can transform your phone into a tambourine, drums or a bell. The free version also has an interactive ocean scene. You can upgrade to the premium version of this app for only $0.99, and it includes a drawing mode, nursery rhyme music, and more interactive scenes.
  • Elmo’s Monster Maker – This is an app that I’m absolutely dying to try. Priced at $3.99, it’s definitely one of the more expensive apps out there. Your child can design their own monster, and the monster can play and interact with Elmo. The graphics are as real as anything you would see on Sesame Street.
  • Adam’s Game – For $1.99, this is a great app for toddlers who are beginning to understand language. Keenan loves to identify objects in picture books, and this is the same idea. Toddlers are shown three objects and asked to touch a certain one. They get cheers for a correct answer and an “uh-oh” for wrong answers. You can even customize this app by adding pictures of family members and pets, and you can record your own voice-over to name your custom pictures.

I think this is worth mentioning as well: Fisher-Price has come out with a drool-proof case for iPhones. The Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case is available on Amazon for $14.85. You can prevent your toddler from constantly pressing the home button or making phone calls, while allowing them to safely play with your iPhone.

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