Expensive home utility bills can typically be traced back to energy vampires disguised as household appliances.

If you don’t currently own energy-efficient appliances, chances are you’re a victim of energy theft via old appliances.

There are many energy-efficient household products such as energy-saving light bulbs, micathermic space heaters, and solar radio systems that are environmentally friendly and may also lower your monthly utility bills.

While the higher cost of an energy-efficient furnace may persuade you to reconsider your options, these furnaces can save their owners hundreds of dollars annually on utility costs.

Websites such as Buy Energy Efficient assist frugal homeowners in lowering their monthly utility bills by educating them about the wide range of energy-efficient household products available. By purchasing energy-efficient products, you can help save the world while saving money on monthly utility costs!

Here is an awesome infographic from our friends at WellHome comparing the different amounts of energy used in old home appliances to new energy-efficient home appliances, as well as your potential savings.

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