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If you’re like me, you can’t wait to park yourself in front of a television this Sunday to watch the huge matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. It’s an annual ritual for me to settle in for some food, tasty adult beverages, commercials and even some football. Whether you go to a party or just hang out at home like me, there are a lot of people out there who already know what they’re doing this Sunday.

But what if you’re not like me? What if you aren’t into parties, football, commercials, adult beverages or any of the other things that make Super Bowl Sunday super? What are you going to do this Sunday? I’ve compiled a list of alternative activities you can partake in instead of getting sucked into a football game for 4–5 hours, and helpfully ranked them based on how similar they are to actually watching the game.

Puppy or Kitten Bowl

Perhaps you like the thrill of competition and the veneer of football, but aren’t enamored with human competitors. Never fear, this year there are two alternative bowls you can watch: the Puppy Bowl and the Kitten Bowl! Totes adorbs. Added bonus: Since the events are pre-taped, there’s no possibility of weather-related delays.

Watch Other Sports

Perhaps you like human-based athletic competition, but the new bacon bowls have ruined you on athletic events dubbed “bowls.” If so, there are plenty of alternatives for you. You can watch men’s college basketball games, the Olympic speed skating trials, women’s college basketball and gymnastics, and the World Series of Poker. Thrilling!

Watch Other Things on TV

Maybe you like watching things on TV, but you’re just not into sports. If so, you’re in luck; due to counter-programming, there’s all sorts of great stuff you can get sucked into instead of a football game. Get caught up on The Walking Dead or Real Housewives of Atlanta, or just watch a whole slew of Lifetime movies.

Go to the Movies

Maybe you want to spend some time watching entertainment on a screen, but don’t have cable or just want to get out of the house. Chances are, you can get whatever seat you want on Sunday if you venture out to a movie theater. You may even have a quick time in the ticket and popcorn lines. Maybe this is your chance to see a flick on the big screen without the crowds, making it feel like you’re hanging out at home. A few movies open this weekend, with “That Awkward Moment” and “Labor Day” being big ones. Or maybe you’ll want to check out holdovers like “The Nut Job,” “I Frankenstein,” “Her,” or some of the Oscar-nominated films you haven’t seen yet because of the big crowds.

Talk About the Super Bowl Weather

Maybe you hate sports and don’t like watching TV, but you still want to be a part of the cultural phenomenon that is our shared Super Bowl experience. Well guess what? There’s a social media platform for that. Did you know that this will be the first Super Bowl played in a northern city in an outdoor stadium? Did you know that it’ll be cold and there’s the possibility the weather will affect the outcome of the game? Did you know that there has already been years of discussion about this, and all of that chatter will probably intensify as the game is played, especially if something crazy happens, or if they have to implement their weather contingency plans? Just hop on the Facebook or the Twitter, and you can sound off without even having to know what’s going on in the game. And has anyone seen the line on the prop bet for the over/under on number of tweets about the weather during the game?

Play Madden 25 and Crown Your Own Champion

Do you like football, especially the Seahawks and Broncos, but hate the fact that you have no control over the outcome of the game? Just plug in your PS4 or Xbox1, fire up Madden 25, and you can play the game yourself and tell everyone the final score of your game instead of the one that everyone else watched. Added bonus: You can probably play a couple of games on Madden in the time it would take to watch the actual game!


Really, this list is limitless. You really can do anything you would normally do – take a walk, read a book, play on your phone or talk to your family. Use your imagination! Of course, you won’t have the same cultural zeitgeist that accompanies what promises to be the most-watched television program of the year, but if you wanted, you could treat this unofficial national holiday just like any other Sunday. It really is up to you.

What are your plans for Sunday? Are you watching the game (or at least the commercials)? Going to a party? Doing something from this list? Let us know what you’ve got going on in the comments.


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  1. Dumbest list ever. If someone is looking for an alternative to watching this stupid sporting event, you can safely assume they are not sports fans at all. Suggesting other sports based activities shows how out of touch the author of this article really is to the intended audience.

    1. You make a valid point that there’s a lot of sports stuff on this list, Michael. That’s good feedback and we’ll keep it in mind for next time. Thanks!

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