Fall Crafts the Whole Family Can Enjoy - Quicken Loans Zing BlogAs the leaves change colors and fall off the trees, the hassle of raking presents itself. The shades of the season are beautiful, but eventually someone has to take care of all of those leaves. If you dread raking those leaves every season, check out some alternatives to the task.

Ditch the rake and hook a lawn vacuum up to your riding mower. Raking leaves has never been easier, once you hook this up and leisurely ride around your lawn. Products like the Cyclone Rake swallow any leaf or twig in its path, and it holds over 30 bag loads of leaves. Just be prepared to dish out around a thousand bucks for one. If vacuuming your lawn sounds fun – smaller lawn vacuums similar to shop-vacs are also available.

A handheld leaf blower could also be a useful tool this fall. If your house backs up to woods – you’re lucky – you can just blow all of those leaves into the wooded area. If you aren’t so lucky, you can at least blow the leaves into a nice pile ready to be picked up. Or, you can get a blower/vacuum to make a pile of leaves and vacuum them all up with one machine.

Another option for clearing your lawn is a lawn sweeper. Basically, you push this device across your lawn and the spinning brush picks up the leaves and puts them into the bag behind it.  When the bag gets full, simply dump it into your lawn bag and continue sweeping up the lawn.

There’s also the route of not even picking up your leaves at all. People typically rake their leaves because they’re told that if they don’t, it’ll suffocate the lawn. Now, if you have a ton of trees in your backyard and the leaves completely cover the ground, you’re going to want to pick those up. If all of those leaves get covered with loads of snow all winter, you have the chance of growing snow mold. But, for those with an average amount of leaves, there’s the option of just leaving them on the ground. Once the leaves get crunchy, mow over them – leaving the leaves in itty-bitty pieces. It can even protect the soil around trees and other plants in your yard.

If none of those options work for you but you’re still completely averted to raking the leaves, go ahead and hire some neighborhood kids. Pay them a little bit and give them a large cup of hot chocolate to compensate. In the end, raking is just another chore that comes with living in a state with a fall season. Let us know if you have your own special alternatives to raking!


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