Alternative Workout Tools - Quicken Loans Zing BlogIt’s common for someone looking to get in shape to splurge on an expensive gym membership, thinking it will motivate them to finally get around to working out. Commuting to the gym and paying the various fees can be quite an inconvenience, and working out in a big room full of strangers isn’t a comfortable situation for everyone. Believe it or not, there truly are a variety of things at your disposal right now that can effectively help you get your desired work out. Read on to learn about what you can utilize in your home and community, instead of going to a gym, that will save you time and money .

Using Your Home

  • Invite your friends over for yoga. Researching beginner’s positions and practices will allow you to start your yoga journey without necessarily needing an instructor.
  • Start a garden. Among the many reasons gardening is rewarding, it burns a shocking number of calories. Read up on that here.
  • Dance. Whether you’re dancing with friends or by yourself, as long as you’re letting lose, you’re getting a workout in. Popular workout activities like Zumba and Insanity incorporate various styles of dancing in their DVDs and classes.
  • Watch workout videos. You would be surprised at how many exercise videos are currently available to you through your cable package or on the Internet. Videos cater to specific skill levels and desired areas of work. In addition to free videos, there are always videos available to rent or purchase for a reasonable price. Watching a workout video is helpful because it offers motivation and direction you don’t receive at a normal gym.

Using Your Neighborhood

  • Ride your bike. You don’t need to be a professional cyclist to get a good workout on your bicycle. Tune into your inner child and ride your bike through a local trail at a park or beach. Biking strengthens your legs and builds muscle, burns calories and increases coordination. Riding a stationary bike at the gym isn’t as rewarding or exciting as exploring the nature and neighborhoods of your community.
  • Go jogging. You can jog around your neighborhood. If that makes you uncomfortable, jog around a track at your local high school or athletic field. Doing so will allow you to accurately record your distance and time, like a treadmill. Hold light weights while you jog to strengthen your arms at the same.
  • Play a game. If you have friends who have similar fitness goals, organize games to play together! Go to a school, park or YMCA to play basketball, flag football, softball, tennis, beach volleyball or Frisbee.  All of these games will help you burn calories and get in shape!
  • Go on a hike. Hiking is an increasingly popular source of exercise. Hiking offers you the opportunity to see beautiful parts of your city you’ve never seen before, and is extremely rewarding as you achieve your personal goals. Because it combines walking, jogging and climbing, you end up working out much harder than you’d expect.

We live in a fast-paced world and getting to the gym can’t be our first priority all the time. These tips and ideas are designed to allow you to squeeze workouts into your busy schedule in your home and community.

Where do you work out? Do you use any tools we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comment section below!


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