Do Airline Costs Scare You? Take Advantage of these Perks! - Zing BlogI used to be terrified of flying. As someone who’s never liked heights, it’s understandable why I was never excited about a trip to the airport. While my fear of heights is nonexistent now (at least when it comes to flying), the fear of going to the airport is as bad as ever.

Why? How about the relentless price gouging that begins once you first step foot into the airport. All of a sudden McDonalds doesn’t have a dollar menu anymore. Items such as candy bars and magazines are often times overpriced, too. In my opinion, EVERYTHING is more expensive. Alright, maybe it’s not that bad. But for someone who has flown quite a bit over the last couple years, “perks” that airlines used to offer for free have increasingly disappeared.

What’s that mean for consumers like you and me? We’re paying an additional fee for services that used to be included in the normal price of a plane ticket. It’s bad enough I pay $8 for a McDonalds breakfast that wouldn’t cost more than $5 outside of an airport. Is it really necessary to charge for every minute thing?

Apparently to airports, it is. However, there are still some airlines that offer great perks that people might not realize. With the holidays right around the corner, people will be traveling all over the place to visit friends and family. Instead of overpaying for certain “perks,” why not take advantage of the cheap or free ones that still exist? Below I’ve selected five airlines and highlighted what perks are still available to customers. Take a look!

Southwest Airlines

I’m always nervous about booking trips way in advance. What if something comes up and I’m unable to go on the vacation I planned and paid for six months ago? With Southwest Airlines, you don’t have to worry. While most U.S. airlines charge fees for flight itinerary changes, Southwest Airlines isn’t included on that list. The only fee you have to worry about is the difference in fare (if there is one).

Virgin America

With limited use of electronic items, flights are generally pretty boring. This can be especially true if you’re flying with kids. They can only sit still for so long before they get antsy. That’s where Virgin America comes into play. The airline gives passengers the opportunity to watch movies…for FREE! Other airlines are catching on to the movie idea, although it comes with a cost of as much as $5.99 per movie.


Aside from the overpriced food at the airport, the thing I hate the most is that most airlines charge for checked bags. Call me crazy, but doesn’t it seem ridiculous to pay to check a bag that will be placed on the same plane as you? Apparently JetBlue feels the same way as I do. They allow passengers to check one bag free of charge. As something that used to be included in the original price of a ticket no more than five years ago, it’s hard to look at this as a perk. However, a checked bag can range anywhere from $20–$40 depending on the airline. It adds up in the end.

JetBlue isn’t alone in allowing customers a free checked bag. Southwest permits passengers two checked bags for free.

What’s even better about JetBlue? Try FREE Wi-Fi. Perhaps the only thing that could help make the time fly by besides Virgin America’s free movies is JetBlue’s free Wi-Fi. I could follow all my favorite sports teams and play games. I’d be at my destination in no time. Most airlines charge $1.95 and up for Wi-Fi use.

Virgin Atlantic

If you’re flying Virgin Atlantic, chances are you’re flying internationally. If you want to get your vacation started a little early (but don’t want to pay $10 for a 12-ounce beer), take advantage of Virgin Atlantic’s free alcoholic beverages. Some airlines charge for a can of pop and a bag of peanuts, although Virgin Atlantic isn’t among them.


If you can’t tell by now, I don’t like overpaying for food and drinks. That’s why I like flying Delta. You get complimentary drinks such as water, pop and juice along with a free bag of peanuts or cookies. It’s not much, but it’s enough to hold you over for a couple hours. It may be small, but it’s free.

If you’re like me and don’t like flying because of the unnecessary charges, fly one of the airlines I listed above. You’ll find many perks that aren’t offered by other airlines, and it might even reduce your fear of flying!

Are there any perks I left out that other airlines offer? If so, let us know in the comments section below!


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