Learn All About Mortgage Rates With Mortgage Rates 101

Learn All About Mortgage Rates with Mortgage Rates 101

Understanding mortgage rates and how they relate to mortgage terms and interest is critical to making the best mortgage decision. That’s why we’ve created a new Zing educational guide – Mortgage Rates 101. We want you to be knowledgeable before you apply for your mortgage.

Mortgage Rates Reach Four-Month Low!

Mortgage rates have three options: rise, drop or remain the same. After a few weeks of inching upward/remaining unchanged, rates took a dive this week – not just any dive, either.

Mortgage Rates Inch Up for Second Straight Week

Mortgage rates can only drop so much before they begin to rise. Last week, fixed mortgage rates inched upward according to the Primary Mortgage Market Survey for the first time since the beginning of the month. That trend continued this week as rates again rose slightly.

Mortgage Rates Mostly Unchanged for the Week

While the weather can flip flop daily during the fall, mortgage rates can sometimes do the same. However, this wasn’t one of those weeks. In fact, there was barely even a change in mortgage rates.

Mortgage Rates Fall to Lowest Point Since June

It’s been a long time since rates have been this low. In fact, the last time 30-year fixed-rate mortgages were this low, the MLB season wasn’t even halfway over. To be exact, the last time 30-year fixed rates were this low was the week ending June 20, 2013.

Mortgage Rates Drop Again

The Fed holding off on tapering is doing wonders for the mortgage rate market! Read this week’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey to see how far the rates have fallen in two weeks.

Rates Fall After Fed Announcement

The Fed’s announced they will not taper bond purchases yesterday, and mortgage rates fell quickly. The Primary Mortgage Market Survey shows how much they fell.

Mortgage Rates Slow Their Roll

After weeks of ups and downs, the primary mortgage market survey shows us that rates have leveled out this week leaving those looking to purchase or refinance a small window of opportunity. Read all about it in this week’s PMMS report.