I’m a Pinterest addict. Whenever I have a few spare minutes, you can bet I’m browsing Pinterest on my smartphone and pinning like crazy.

In case you’re not familiar, Pinterest is a website that lets you organize and share all the cool stuff you find on the Web. Users find pictures and information on all kinds of websites and “pin it” to their Pinterest account. Their “pins” get posted as pictures, with a short description, and a link to the original web content. Other users can see these pins and comment on them, re-pin them, or just be amazed by them.

I love Pinterest because it’s a great source of inspiration. It’s a great way to keep track of my favorite websites, but most of all, I love browsing for home ideas, DIY projects, and most of all, cute clothes. Pinterest has a variety of categories available for browsing, and it’s a great way to discover new blogs and websites, and just get inspired.

One of my favorite Pinterest categories is the “DIY” section. People come up with the cutest and most creative stuff, and Pinterest is a great way to find it. Are you looking for a creative project to do this weekend? Here are some of my favorite DIY pins, and links to the blogs where you can find a complete tutorial!

Repurpose old furniture into a children’s play kitchen

I would dearly love to buy my son a kitchen set or play store, or even one of those outdoor play houses. On the other hand, a decent set can cost a lot of money, and I haven’t been able to find a resale one as of yet. Instead, I found this awesome blog that displays pictures of old furniture that has been repurposed into play kitchens, play stores, dollhouses, and more. This blog has some amazing examples, and if you’d like to see how one mom completed her adorable play kitchen, check out the Easy Peasy Pie blog here.

Use chalkboard paint creatively

I have a longstanding fascination with chalkboard paint. That’s why I was so excited to see this compilation of 30 creative uses for chalkboard paint. It’s seriously the coolest invention ever – check this out!

Make an adorable DIY gift

Mason jar crafts are all the rage right now. I found the cutest way to use old mason jars: turn them into candles. This blogger melted colored wax flakes and poured them into mason jars, added a wick, decorated the lid, and turned them into the cutest thank-you gifts ever! Check ‘em out at Something Turquoise.

Make a wreath to fit any season

Wreaths are not just for Christmas, you know. One great pin led me to a blog which linked to 88 different DIY wreath tutorials. You can make them for just about any holiday, and in any color scheme you want – and most of them are pretty easy! Check it out at Tip Junkie!

Preserve your wedding bouquet

Remember my blog about selling your dress after the big day? Well, here’s a way you can keep a piece of that memory with you. This great post talks about turning the flower petals from your bouquet into a Christmas ornament. So sweet, and it will make you smile year after year. Check it out here!

Sew up some stay-put kitchen towels

The handle on the oven door seems to be a popular place to hang kitchen towels. That’s where we keep ours – but with a toddler, it doesn’t always work out very well. Keenan feels compelled to rip the towels off of the oven and throw them on the floor every time he’s in the kitchen. He just can’t leave them alone. That’s why this post caught my eye. Take a look at this tutorial from Pin. Sew. Press. and be amazed!

DIY a baby or pet gate to save some money

The going price for a brand-new baby gate is well…outrageous. The only baby gate I could find that worked with a wooden banister was about $80! This blogger had a great idea for making a gate out of PVC pipe and fabric. It slides back and forth between the two banisters, and keeps her dog safe from slippery wooden stairs. Check it out here!

You can find a creative idea for just about anything on Pinterest. Have you tried any of these projects? Send us a picture!

Are you interested in finding more DIY projects like these? You can create a free account on Pinterest.com to see more, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to follow Quicken Loans on Pinterest!

What are your favorite categories to pin?

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