Save Money by Self-InsuringAs a frugal shopper, I pride myself on my ability to navigate through sales papers and websites to find cheap deals on everyday home products.

Through my thrifty efforts over the years, I have come across some great cost-saving methods to cut my spending at the grocery and at home (via bills), to help stretch my hard-earned money longer than a line at Walmart on Black Friday.

In an attempt to help frugal shoppers become more cost efficient, here are five ways to cut your monthly home expenses.

Purchase store brand instead of the leading brand

I began reading labels in detail a couple years ago as I attempted to eliminate high fructose corn syrup from my diet and monitor my sugar intake as several members of my family warned me of the dangers of diabetes.

I continued reading labels while trying to cut costs on my grocery bill and found that some store brand items, such as liquid hand soap, are actually better than the leading brands.

Believe it or not, Target’s store brand hand soap has three times more Triclosan (acting antibacterial agent) than the leading brand!  Making matters even worse, the store brand cost ($1) three times less than the leading brand ($3).

Purchase clearance items when you can.

While some shoppers turn their nose up at the thought of purchasing items from the clearance section, prudent shoppers like myself run full speed to these inexpensive deals.

Contrary to what many believe, clearance sales aren’t necessarily for clothes with defects or products that have passed the expiration date. Sometimes clearance items are the result of the corporate buyer over-ordering the item, or perhaps a particular color has been discontinued. Either way, the store’s loss is your gain!

Use your smartphone at home.

Many households are eliminating their landline altogether as the popularity of smartphones rises while the price of these handheld gadgets fall due to a surplus of competition in the mobile phone market.

Landlines have also gotten a bad reputation as expensive bundle packages from cable providers that easily top $150 per month, lead many to cancel their service completely.

Also, the numerous apps available for smartphone users may have provided the perfect storm for the extinction of the home landline.

Cut cooking costs by clipping coupons

Initially, it may seem tedious to plan out your grocery shopping trips to incorporate coupons for the majority of your purchases, but when you discover the savings you pocket by clipping coupons, you’re sure to make it a standard practice.

Not only is couponing a growing trend among frugal homeowners, the instant gratification and money you save with every visit to the grocery store may inspire you to start using coupons at department stores, the cleaners, and anywhere else coupons are accepted!

Get your power from the sun!

While solar-powered technology has been around since the 1980s, many new solar products have been introduced in the last ten years as part of the new clean energy initiative being pushed by the government.

Many solar-powered devices such as the solar-powered radio, solar-powered security camera, and even a solar-powered Nintendo Wii can help you lower your monthly electricity bill.  

By employing effective personal finance tips, such as the ones listed above, you can devote less of your money to paying bills and enjoy more financial freedom.

What methods do you use to cut your monthly home expenses?

Leave a comment below and join the dialogue!

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