The gradual decrease in snow in the Northern Hemisphere and the melting sea ice that continually raises sea levels are only two of the obvious effects of global warming.

While the release of methane gas from artic tundra and wetlands are two of the natural causes that contribute to the rise in global temperature, man-made causes play a stronger role in global warming.

Large industries burning fossil fuels emit CO2, a greenhouse gas widely credited for helping create the current hole in the ozone layer.

While you may not be personally responsible for a large industry that significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, you can still do your part at home to make environmentally friendly decisions today that may ensure our kids enjoy Earth, as we know it, for their entire lifetimes as well.

With this in mind, here are five tips to make your home more environmentally friendly.

Employ solar energy.

You can help the environment and lower your electricity bill by employing solar energy and using solar products. The number of solar products has risen exponentially over the last ten years partly due to the clean energy initiative currently being pushed by the government.

From solar-powered security cameras to solar-powered radios, you’re sure to find a solar device to create a more environmentally friendly home and replace a current energy vampire potentially responsible for your high utility bill.
Purchase a memory management thermostat.

Contrary to popular belief, energy is not infinite. Most electricity originates from nuclear or fossil fuels.

A memory management thermostat can help you save electricity (and money) by conserving energy in your home when you’re asleep or not at home. According to Consumer Reports, a memory management thermostat can cut your home energy use by up to 20 percent.  You can program the thermostat to save heat while you sleep and still wake up to a warm and toasty home in the morning by upgrading to a programmable thermostat.

Conserving energy is simple, and the benefits of this conservation may improve our environment for future generations.

Add a recycling bin to your home.

By purchasing recyclable products, you can sleep easy at night knowing that the product you just bought won’t end up in an overcrowded landfill. Yet, making the choice to purchase recyclable products only matters if you properly dispose of them in recycling bins.

Add a recycling bin to your home today and do your part to make a greener planet. You know the saying…reduce, reuse, recycle!

Use environmentally friendly paint.

While contemplating ways to make your home green, consider using environmentally friendly paint for your next DIY home painting project.

The use of lead, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other harmful additives in traditional paint has a negative effect on the environment.  Paints that are low in VOCs not only reduce urban smog, they also improve indoor air quality.

When compared to traditional paint, low VOC paints offer:

  • Less odor
  • Safer Technology
  • Clean air formula
  • Excellent durability
  • Washable finish

The cleaner air, provided by the use of environmentally friendly paint, will provide health and atmospheric benefits in your household for years to come!

Use bamboo for flooring.

Our friends at MSN recently revealed that bamboo is a more environmentally friendly option than typical hardwood floors. While the design and layouts are similar, it only takes four to six years for bamboo to mature and replenish itself, compared to 50 to 100 years for the trees that are typically used in hardwood floors.

By using bamboo, you are making an environmentally friendly decision to use less wood.  Cutting down fewer trees not only keeps animal habitats in the wilderness intact, it also improves air quality while moderating our climate.

Going green is much more than a way to show your support for the Michigan State Spartan basketball team during March Madness, it’s a way to help ensure your children and grandchildren enjoy the beautiful sights the earth has to offer as long as their eyes can see.

Do your part to make the world more environmentally friendly by using these tips to help green your home today!

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  1. I’ve been more aware of trying to cut my energy use since I became a new home owner. One of the first things I did was install an internet thermostat to control my home’s energy use. I chose to go with the Apple designed Nest. I had a frozen pipe burst in my previous house…I think this will also help me monitor my home when I’m on vacation too.

  2. Very comprehensive tips on eco-friendly home! Reading your blog makes me want to try everything in my home according to your points. I’m glad Google brought me here. Thank you

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