5 Things That Are Still Free - Quicken Loans Zing BlogAs many Americans struggle to find adequate employment, inflation continues to penetrate various sectors of the economy.

Many of the daily accommodations that Americans previously enjoyed free of charge now have a price including:

  • Television
  • Directory assistance
  • Parks
  • Gas station car service
  • Water
  • School

While it may seem like complimentary service is a thing of the past, here are five services you can still enjoy for free.


As the information age ignited a technological revolution that delivered smartphones and iPads to the masses, more people became connected to the Internet than ever before.

The connection I’m referring to above is actually a double entendre as smartphone users are emotionally connected to their phones – that are literally connected to the Internet.

For this reason, free Wi-Fi is a heaven send for many tablet users (like myself) who own iPads that don’t have 3G, only Wi-Fi capabilities.

While Internet cafés are notorious for offering customers free Wi-Fi, many coffee shops are also hotspots for consumers looking for a free Wi-Fi connection.

Gym membership trials

Before I relocated to downtown Detroit and became a member of the amazing wellness center in the Compuware building, I used free gym membership trials to stay in shape during my transition from the suburbs.

While most gyms offer new prospects free seven day passes, other gyms offer free guest passes to potential members on a daily basis as long as a gym member accompanies you while you work out.

The coolest benefit in regards to free gym membership trials is your ability to try a gym out before you commit to a year-long contract!


Believe it or not, you can obtain a pet free of charge on websites like Craigslist in the community pet listing section.

Typically, pets are listed for free due to an owner’s allergic reaction to a pet or the owner’s decision to relocate.

If you’re not comfortable getting a pet off Craigslist, websites like Petfinder also offer a number of pets free of charge.


If you own an iPhone or an iPad, you can make video calls for free over a Wi-Fi connection!

Using the FaceTime icon, you can video chat with anyone who has an iPad or iPhone making ordinary audio phone calls an expensive trait of the past.

Once you use FaceTime and realize how amazing this free experience is, you may never want to pay for an audio call again!


E-cards are a perfect gift option for both forgetful people and those on a budget.

Websites like Blue Mountain offer a variety of free birthday, holiday and postcards that can be personalized and sent for free with the click of a button.

E-cards can help you be the first person to wish a friend happy birthday, without ever spending a penny!

While the cost of many items seem to be increasing, there are still some things you can acquire or use for free, if you know where to look.

Use some of the tips listed above, and you may be able to stretch your hard-earned money further, while taking advantage of some cool accommodations!


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