Take it from me, Holiday shopping for an athlete is the easiest task you will have this holiday season.  Athletes are very easy to please.

Think about it…most sports require some type of apparatus or equipment.

Why not give the athlete on your Christmas list an upgrade on the equipment they often use?

Investing in an athlete’s sport-of-passion is a great way to spread the Christmas cheer (without breaking your pockets).

Thus, I have created a list of five athletic gifts ideas, you won’t need to be a professional athlete to afford.

Sports equipment!

The number one gift idea for athletes is sports equipment.  It’s safe to assume that most athletes would appreciate sports equipment that they don’t have to pay for.

For example, a bowler would love a new pair of bowling shoes or a new bowling ball.  While you can find bowling shoes for $25 or less at most sports stores. Bowling balls, on the other hand, can get quite expensive depending on the weight and brand name you choose.  Luckily, stores like Play it Again Sports sell used quality sports equipment for a fraction of the cost so you can keep up with the new technological trends without spending all your ends.

Whether you’re looking for a basketball, skateboard, skis, tennis racquets, or even a treadmill, Play it Again Sports is a great place to find good deals on sports equipment.

Nutritional supplements

If you have never indulged in bodybuilding or exercised to improve your performance in a sport, you may not realize how popular nutritional supplements are in the sports world.

In the spirit of competition, nutritional supplements help users become bigger, faster, and stronger is a shorter amount of time.  When I realized that multi-vitamins and protein shakes would help me become an even better basketball player, I frequented GNC so often that the sales clerk and I were on a first name basis.  Fortunately, for repeat shoppers such as myself, GNC has a gold card rewards program that provides members with a discount of 20 percent off every purchase for an annual fee of $15.  Nutritional supplements are the perfect gift for an athlete, and a GNC gold card will make the perfect stocking stuffer.

Gym membership

For Americans who reside in the Midwest and East coast, snow and cold weather typically freeze-out the thought of exercising outdoors during the winter months.  For this reason, Dr. James Naismith invented the game of basketball in 1891 at a Springfield, Mass. YMCA as an “athletic distraction” for rambunctious students.

Today, the game is so popular that some people (myself included) purchase gym memberships just to take advantage of the competitive basketball pick-up games that seem to run as long as the gym lights are on.

A gym membership is the perfect gift for an athlete.  Not only is there ample space to practice your sport of choice, you can also train with weights or a personal trainer to get in top shape.  Many gyms (such as Snap Fitness) offer either annual, semi annual, or monthly memberships so you won’t have to make a huge financial commitment to train or get in shape.

Giving an athlete a gym membership may be best gift you can give this holiday season.  By giving a gym membership you’re promoting healthy living while also showing support for the goals the athlete has set out to achieve.

Sports apparel

Now that your athlete has their sports equipment, nutritional supplements, and gym membership, all that is left to buy is apparel.

College sweatshirts and NBA sweat suits are good gift ideas for a novice sports enthusiast.  However, athletes would much rather get sports apparel that’s useful for the sports they play.

Under Armour (UA) offers fitted athletic and performance clothing that keeps you warm in cold conditions and cool in hot conditions.

UA also offers compression shirts and shorts with padding stitched into them to help prevent injury by softening collisions between players or hard falls on the court or field.

Under Armor is the perfect gift for an athlete that has a reckless commitment to success.


With all the wear and tear that training puts on an athlete’s body, motivation can be essential to your progress.

What’s more motivating for an athlete than a Fathead of their favorite professional athlete? Nothing!

Not only are Fatheads the coolest form of sports wall graphics on the planet, they are also motivation for amateur athletes that aspire to become professionals one day.  With the recent popularity of the Tim Tebow Fathead, I’m sure this gift idea will be an absolute Godsend this holiday season!

Get the athlete in your life on the fast track this holiday season with fantastic gift.  Also, on behalf of Quicken Loans, have a happy and safe holiday season!

Jonathan Slappey is a contributor for Quicken Loans’ Zing Blog.  Stay connected with us on our Facebook page and our Twitter page to find out all the ways we’re Engineered to Amaze.

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