3 Ways to Accommodate Your Holiday Guests

3 Ways to Accommodate Your Holiday Guests - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

It’s that time of year again. Gifts are given, holiday lights go up and “holiday guests are coming to town!” – isn’t that how the song goes? You’re more than delighted to have family and friends stay in your humble abode, but then it hits you – you don’t have a guest room! You prefer to not have your guests sleeping on a pullout couch in the living room. Well, here are some suggestions on how to accommodate your holiday guests properly.

Move Your Kids Into the Living Room

If you don’t want your guests sleeping on the couch, just have your kids sleep in it. Play it off to your children like it’s the cool thing to do – they can watch television all night, they can make a fort, it’s near the kitchen, etc. If your guests have young children, this is an easy sell, since it’s basically a long sleepover. If you successfully persuade your children, the next task is to make the kids room into a guest room – change the sheets, add some tasteful décor, lay out some reading materials and make it homey.

Make Them Feel at Home

Don’t run yourself ragged, but try your best to not let your guests lift a finger. They may offer to help prepare meals or clean up around the house, but they are your guests and deserve to be treated as such, though you should accept the help if needed!

Be sure to be properly stocked with the essentials as if you were running a four star (OK – three star) hotel. This includes towels, toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste and other toiletry products. Also, have your cabinets stocked with appropriate foods and snacks. If your guests have children, some kid-friendly options would make things simpler for you. Catering to your adult guests with more mature food options is also important. Here are some healthy snack options for kids and adults.

Have Some Activities Planned

You can do better than charades and Pictionary is so 2000. Let’s take “activities” to the next level! Show them around your city or town, take them to the local museums or get some tickets to see a holiday show, football game or the hottest movie. To save a few dollars, take them ice skating or bowling or kill two birds with one stone by making your holiday baking into a group activity! Maybe host a holiday gingerbread competition.

Create a comfortable environment for not only your guests, but yourself as well. Don’t run yourself ragged trying to impress because your guests will most likely be satisfied with your warm embrace, but hopefully these suggestions will help make their holiday that much sweeter!

Do you have guests coming in for the holidays? Share your houseguest preparation plans in the comments section below!




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