Great post in Real Age I wanted to share with our readers. My family has a history of diabetes, so I found it extremely relevant. Actually, my mother sent me the article. I guess she’s worried I’m not eating enough spinach.

Anyway, why would a blog that focuses primarily on financial info include this post that gives advice on how to reduce the risk of diabetes?

Well, I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s hard to enjoy financial health if you don’t have physical health. Plus, these three foods are good for anyone – regardless of your health state.

It’s simple. Eat tons of dark leafy greens. Include walnuts and flaxseeds in your diet. And keep your total fat content to 30% or less (I’m pretty sure I break this rule on a daily basis – probably by lunch). Real Age claims that each of these three things may lower your risk of diabetes 10 to 20%

Read the full article and go get some spinach!


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