10 Tips to Brighten Up Your Home - Quicken Loans Zing BlogThere are a lot of great things to look forward to as we approach winter and the holidays, but one thing I never like about the colder season is how little sunlight we get during the day. I’ll often leave for work in the morning while it’s still dark, and then I’ll come home at night after it’s already dark – never getting to spend any time in the daylight.

If you feel like this too, you probably want to do anything you can to take advantage of that precious little sunlight. Check out the easy tips below for making your home brighter and more comfortable during the long, dark months of the year.

Lose the Clutter

Go through your house, looking at the stuff sitting around in every room, and try to think of what you can put away, at least for the fall and winter. Even if it’s decorative knick-knacks, these collect dust and adsorb light, making your house a little bit darker. Try to de-clutter and go simple; you’ll be surprised by how much more relaxed you feel.

Use Light-Colored fabrics

Our automatic reaction to cold weather is to pull out all our thick blankets, sheets and sweatpants, and just hole-up inside. While snuggling up on the couch with some tea or hot chocolate and a good book is never a bad thing, heavier winter fabrics often come in dark colors, which absorb light. Use thick fabrics, but try to find ones with lighter colors that will keep you nice and warm and leave your home looking bright and cheerful.

Stick to Simple Colors

Not only do simple colors make smaller spaces seem larger, but they’ll actually make your home seem brighter, too. Using textiles in white or gray colors with similar accents will create a much cleaner and lighter feel, and this can really have a positive effect on your mood – especially on those dreary winter days.

Let the Light In

The easiest way to brighten up your home… is with sunlight! Even if it’s not a particularly sunny day, open your curtains and shades to let in whatever light there is out there. Natural light, even if filtered through clouds, is often preferable to electric lighting.

Double the Light with Mirrors

If there are spaces in your home with few or no windows, then natural light isn’t much of an option. But you can hang a few mirrors on the walls to reflect light, brightening up the room and making it look bigger at the same time.

Cut New Windows

If you’re pretty handy around the house (or are willing to pay someone who is), think about cutting a window or two in an interior wall to share the natural light from one room with windows to an adjacent one without. You’ll be surprised at how much light will come through your new “window” to illuminate the interior room.

Go Natural

Switch out your light bulbs for those that provide more natural light in all of your fixtures. Lowe’s is one place you can find a great light bulb buying guide, so you can get just the right kind of light for your needs.

Get Some Flower Power

Setting out fresh bouquets of brightly colored flowers in different rooms of the house will instantly make the room more open and inviting and help keep you in an up-beat mood.

Change It Up

How are your couch, love seat, easy chair, etc. placed in your home? Think about rearranging your furniture so they’re closer to the windows. This way, you’ll be able to soak up natural light throughout the day, giving your eyes a break and putting a more positive spin on your day!

Clear Up Surface Area

Long draperies and floor-length tablecloths can have the same effect within your home as knick-knacks – cluttering up your space and absorbing light. Go with shorter designs and décor to maximize your floor space, making the room look brighter and larger, too.

There are a lot of great tricks you can use to brighten up your home and your mood during the dark winter months. Just remember, the basic idea is to have less stuff and lighter colors.

Do you have any ideas to add the conversation? If so, leave a comment below!


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