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What Clients Tell Us About Their Experience with Quicken Loans.

  • Posted on ViewPoints.com 8/11/14

    The best experience we've ever had refinancing a mortgage!

    My husband and I were skeptical but proceeded with Quicken Loans after receiving some information in the mail from them. My husband made the first call and was very please with the representative he spoke with. It seemed as once the process started and we were kept informed of every step of the way and being done during the process. Emails were answered promptly and documents were easily uploaded as well as downloaded. We have to say that when Quicken Loans says they are engineered to amaze they truly are. The best experience ever doing the whole process via online.

    Patricia M. Read full review
  • Posted on ViewPoints.com 10/01/14

    One Happy Customer

    The service and attention to detail I received from Quicken was outstanding. Before I started the refinance process I spoke with my Mortgage Banker for over an hour. In my head I had one idea of what I wanted to do but she was able to offer me several different options, some I never even consider. I found her to be very skillful in assisting me and I am comfortable and confident of the decision we made together. She was able to set me up with a loan that will enable me to pay off my mortgage quicker and save me money at the same time. That was a win-win for me and my family. In closing I must state that this was by far the best experience I have ever had with Mortgage Banker or a Banking Institution. I fully recommend anyone using Quicken Loans.

    NYC2DC Read full review
  • Posted on QuickenLoansReviews.com on 10/6/14

    Fort Worth, TX – Refinance

    The process of refinancing with Quicken Loans was a very easy process. We appreciate the time and effort made by your representatives.

    Gwendolyn T. Read full review
  • Posted on QuickenLoansReviews.com on 10/06/14

    Mount Rainier, MD - Refinance

    Smoother and quicker than anticipated. Everything explained, all questions answered. Nothing but good things to say about every step.

    Stephen L. Read full review
  • Posted on ViewPoints.com 8/11/14

    Quicken makes refinancing easy

    Very pleasant and efficient service. Quicken kept us informed at every step along the way. They saved us a lot of money by refinancing us, so that we would no longer have to pay mortgage insurance. Their website is very user friendly. I also like the fact that they are one of the largest employers in Detroit.

    Kim C. Read full review